Friday, May 24, 2019

MARCH 2019 Ultimate 50/50 Photographic Challenge

CONGRATULATIONS to the Winners of the 
“Ultimate 50/50 Photographic Challenge” for March 2019!

27 images @ $10.00 = $270.00
50 % $135.00

1st Place ~ Lynda Dyke  "Payback" $67.50 in prize money and a $129.00 credit with Shiny Prints Metal Prints!
2nd Place ~ Lou Lower "Monks of Burma" $40.50 in prize money!
3rd Place ~ Joe Semkow "Launch" $27.00 in prize money!

Winners will be chosen and announce on our Facebook page by the 5th of the following month. LIKE images on the Facebook page to help in breaking any ties!

First Place
Linda Dyke

The Judge wrote...
Absolute peak action in this photo. With some types of photography, you can take all the time you'd like to setup a scene just the way you'd like it. With sports, especially rodeos, you have zero control and only fractions of a second to get the best image. Well done.

Second Place
Lou Lower
“Monks of Burma”

The Judge wrote...
I'm really enjoying the composition of this image. From the position of the kneeling kid, to the perfect framing of the standing kid in the series of archways, this image is a winner.

Third Place
Joe Semkow

The Judge wrote...
I've seen a lot of images of rocket launches from Vero over the years, but this is one of the cleanest and well exposed I've seen. Often times the detail where the rocket comes up from the horizon is either extremely over or under exposed. This one is spot-on, and the color is wonderful. The people standing out on the pier add to it as well.

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